A small web app for making and editing lists, written in Sinatra

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I created Lisst because I needed an online trip log that was easy to update while I’m on the go. It’s designed with simplicity and minimalism in mind, and can be run easily on Heroku.

Live Demo

There is a sandboxed version of Lisst running at that does not require a login.

You can also see trip log that prompted me to write Lisst at


  • Responsive retina-ready stylesheet
  • Google authentication for editing
  • Save-as-you-type
  • Interface optimized for mobile and desktop use
  • Postgres or SQLite3 databases supported out of the box
  • Easily extendable (built with Sinatra, ActiveRecord, and OmniAuth)


  • Live demo that allows users to try out the edit interface
  • Better documentation on setting up Google Auth
  • Documentation on how to run on Heroku

Getting Started

Tools needed: git, ruby 2.0, bundler, sqlite3

$ git clone
$ echo "    - [email protected]" >> config.yml
$ bundle install
$ rake db:migrate
$ ruby Lisst.rb

Google API credentials can be obtained from

To start editing, make sure that your email is specified in config.yml as shown below and that your google secret and key are set correctly, then navigate to /edit

config.yml should look like this

title: Your Cool Title
    - [email protected]

Authors and Contributors

Lisst is a one-man project by @qrohlf. If you’ve done something cool with Lisst, I’d love to see it, so shoot me an email at [email protected]. I’m happy to accept pull requests, but keep in mind that this is intended to be a very minimalist project, with a focus on creating a simple and easy-to use app rather than a feature-rich one.


If you’re having trouble getting Lisst to work, shoot a tweet to @qrohlf or email me at [email protected].