Trianglify is a Javascript library for creating unique, aesthetically pleasing triangle patterns.

Try It Out

You can generate Trianglify patterns without writing a single line of code at

Getting Started

Developer documentation and a getting started guide is available on GitHub


There are a variety of examples you can download and run here


My name is Quinn Rohlf, and I'm a roaming engineer/designer based in the western United States. Trianglify is an open-source library I wrote to generate low-poly style patterns by combining a Delaunay triangulation with some nice colors. It was originally released in April of 2014. It has a sibling project,, that provides a user-friendly GUI for the library and helps fund library development and bugfixes via paid downloads.

Trianglify v4.0.0, released May 2020, was a ground-up modernized rewrite of the original source. You can read about the changes in v4 here.

Trianglify was originally inspired by @jasonlong's GeoPattern library for Ruby.


The source code of Trianglify is licensed under version 3 of the GNU General Public License (GPLv3). If you are interested in purchasing a commercial license for Trianglify, please email [email protected] for details.


If you have a feature suggestion or question about Trianglify, please file an issue on GitHub.