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My name is Quinn Rohlf and I'm a web developer and student in Portland, Oregon. I like to build neat things and solve problems.

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Portland Startup Weekend: Takeaways

How my team succeeded at Startup Weekend.

28 Apr 2014

Happy April First

April Fools' is one of my favorite days. Here are some ways I like to celebrate.

01 Apr 2014

Atom Initial Impressions

Breaking in GitHub's new text editor.

01 Mar 2014

Learn C, Then Learn Computer Science

Theoretical understanding is great, but fundamentals are just as important.

09 Feb 2014

404 Page

I have a spiffy new 404 page.

03 Feb 2014

5 Examples of Great Minimal Jekyll Blog Designs

Inspiration and ideas from a few of my favorite hacker blogs.

16 Nov 2013

Ruby Whitespace Shenanigans, Hello World Edition

A (somewhat silly) post about using Unicode whitespace in Ruby.

19 Oct 2013

My Personal Project Recipe

The goals that I keep in mind to make sure that my side projects end up being interesting and successful.

27 Jul 2013

3D Polar ListPlots in Mathematica

Mathematica doesn't have a built in way to produce 3D plots from polar coordinates. Fortunately, the workaround is simple.

26 Jun 2013

Winning PDX Startup Weekend

Success at a 54-hour hackathon, and how the experience translated (or didn't) to the real world.

01 Jun 2013

My Jekyll Drafts Workflow

My solution to writing draft Jekyll posts, using a single git branch.

25 Apr 2013

Troubleshooting Is Learning

Some thoughts on why troubleshooting is important, and what that means for programming courses in higher education.

17 Apr 2013

Bare Bones Vertical Text Centering with JQuery

I had a problem with a responsive column layout where multiples lines of text needed to be vertically centered inside the columns no matter how tall they were. This JQuery snippet fixed it.

05 Apr 2013

A Better @font-face Kit for Open Sans

The @font-face kits I've seen for Open Sans all suck. So I built a better one.