I like to tinker. Sometimes, that tinkering coalesces into a project and ends up here.

Webdev class Screenshot

Sensible Web Development

Companion text for a web development course which I taught in the fall of 2014 at Lewis & Clark College.

Gradebook Screenshot


A custom grade book application closely integrated with GitHub. Allows students to view their grades using a private URL as well as submit/resubmit assignments using git tags. Screenshot

A Startup Weekend project to take coffee orders via a web app and dispatch the order to bike messengers. Winner of the PDXSW 2014 award for Best Customer Validation.

Trianglify Screenshot


A low poly style background generator with d3.js.

Rick Image


Arduino keyboard emulation for a fun hardware prank.

Hackathon Starter Sinatra Screenshot

Hackathon Starter Sinatra

A simple but powerful starter template designed for use at Startup Weekend and hackathon style events.

Where's Quinn Screenshot

Where's Quinn

An ongoing project to log my adventures and travels. Just recieved a big overhaul to the frontend and backend interfaces.

Headlamp Dispatches Screenshot

Headlamp Dispatches

A stab at some travel/adventure writing. Still very much a work in progress.

What Else Would I Say Screenshot

What Else Would I Say?

A fun weekend project that mashes up your facebook statuses into amusingly bizzarre permutations.

Lisst Screenshot


A simple Sinatra application for creating and editing lists online, with a responsive and minimalist design.

Sidekick Screenshot


A responsive marketing site and a Kickstarter project for high-quality, low-cost iPad/tablet stands.